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San Blas tours Panama

Title: San Blas tours Panama
URL: https://www.taotravel365.com/san-blas-day-tour
Description: The San Blas islands are one of the few desert island habitats that has not been engulfed by large corporations and the resorts they are affiliated with, as foreign investment is prohibited in the Kuna Yala region. With this you need to understand that their service levels might not meet up to what you would expect, they have their own culture and often clients find the lack of interaction and normal guide practices a little hard to deal with. You just need to be aware that they will be courteous and freindly but that is about it. This is why whenever possible we have a foreign English speaking guide on the tours to help make your day as memeorable as possible. Take along snacks, towel, swimming costume, insect reppelant and sun block. Snorkeling equipment is provided or too be sure of having the best quality and not having to share you can take your own (Do it ceter or novey in albrook Mall sell them.

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